• Kajol in Saree - Beautiful Photos from the Kajol's Sarees Collection

    Posted by Gunjan toytoy

    Take a look at Kajol's saree-gram and refashion your wardrobe like Kajol. Kajol's six-yard fashion tale is truly fascinating. Rarely can you go wrong with a saree and with Kajol's tutorials one can even minimize that risk. On her Instagram account, Kajol has shared several pictures from multiple occasions wearing many types of sarees - solid contrast in cotton, printed, embellished, glossy silk and many more. 
    An Embellished Saree

    Kajol wore this fabulous Sabyasachi saree to the Kolkata Film Festival. Observe how Kajol teamed the dark green saree with a bottle green blouse, which formed the base of the saree's border. Try this tip for other colours like red, yellow, blue and black.

    Kajol in Saree - Beautiful Photos from the Kajol's Sarees Collection

    Saree And Blouse Contrast:

    With a vivid silk saree, opt for a duller blouse. Like this green cotton saree with maroon cotton blouse. (Tip: don't mix and match fabrics and stick to one texture)

    Kajol in Saree - Beautiful Photos from the Kajol's Sarees Collection

    Print And More Print:

    For a promotional event of her last film VIP 2, Kajol wore a printed Nikasha saree with a similar printed top. Note how Kajol avoided jewelry to prevent overloading the look.

    Kajol in Saree - Beautiful Photos from the Kajol's Sarees Collection

    For The Love Of Checked Sarees:

    If you also love checked sarees then here's a fabulous way to drape it:

    Print And More Print:

    Keep It Simple:

    Sometimes a simple and traditional way is the best. Like here, Kajol wore a red check print saree with a matching blouse.

    Kajol in Saree - Beautiful Photos from the Kajol's Sarees Collection

    Are you still here? Call your tailor already. And thanks, Kajol, for making it seem so easy to look gorgeous.

    Kajol in Saree - Beautiful Photos from the Kajol's Sarees Collection

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  • How to Wear Gujarati Saree - Gujarati Style Saree Draping

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    What is a Saree

    A saree is such an outfit that adds to the style, attitude, and confidence of the wearer. The sari is worn in different styles in various parts of India. In Gujarat at most wedding events, women dress up in the traditional look in wearing their own origin draping style of saree.


    Also known as the siddha palla saree drape as the saree pallu comes in the front to highlight the look by extending it covering the whole front bodice.

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    Gujarati style saree draping resembles a lehenga choli where the pallu of the saree is used in place of the dupatta. This permits immense freedom of movement and works very well for heavy sarees where the shoulder doesn’t have to carry the weight of the heavily worked pallu. 


    How to Wear Gujarati Saree

    1. The basic style steps of draping from beginning to the till the pleats taken and tucked into the center petticoat facing the left.

    2. Then take the width section of the end drape and make pleats of the whole width in 5-6 inches, gather them firmly with the top border as the first pleat.


          3. Hold the pleats in vertical and bring them around your back waist from left side to the top right back shoulder.

          4. Putting the pleats from right shoulder back to fall front in a way which the pleats open to the left-hand side, on the right front bodice in a length less than a meter.

          5. Tuck the pleats at the shoulder point with a pin to fix it, pick up the first border edge and pull it across your left side taking it under the left armhole and tuck it to your left back waist.

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              saree for wedding party

                How To Wear Gujarati Style Saree Step By Step Perfectly

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              • Latest Fashion Trend - Half Saree Draping Styles

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                What is Half n Half Saree

                One of the most feminine and graceful of attires, that women in the south of India wear, is the famed half saree. This outfit has three main components that include the skirt, called the Langa, which is tied around the waist with a string. The Voni, a cloth that is usually 2 to 2.5 meters in length, functions in a way similar to the pallu or dupatta and is draped across the choli or blouse which is the third piece.


                How to Wear Half Saree

                If you are little more conscious of your figure and cannot afford to show too much of the midriff and also want to wear something that is not too binding across the front of the upper torso – this Half Saree Draping Styles of the drape is perfect.


                Half Saree Online Shopping

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                Half n Half Saree



                Half Saree Draping Styles

                This Half Saree Draping Style has gone very much trendy on the saree draping topic. For this style, you will need a lehenga, choli and a saree to contrast the look of Half Saree.


                Half Saree Designs for Teenagers

                This loose and flowing style is simply amazing with softer and sheerer fabrics. Half Saree with mix and match look is perfect for teenagers.


                How to Wear a Half Saree

                Wearing the Lehenga saree style has been in trend for a long time now, but this year the trends have only added more glam and fusion techniques to say smart saree draping skills to get a completely new look for a half saree or lehenga saree.




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              • Kangana Ranaut in White Saree

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                Now, it’s almost like she is trying to make a point, that being: Sarees make for comfortable travel wear! Yes, we’re obviously talking about Kangana Ranaut and her obsession of wearing the saree for an airport look and we love it. For her most recent flight out of Mumbai, Kangana Ranaut opted for a humble cotton saree in white with little ivory pom-poms along the border.


                She teamed the drape with her standard sleeveless blouse. Channeling old-world glamour, she went with oversized sunnies, a soft pink Lady Dior bag, and pretty white sandals to complete her look.



                Take a leaf out of the actor’s style diary and pick an un-embellished version the next time you’re in the mood to go traditional.


                Her hair was tied in a neat curly bun.


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              • Samantha Ruth Prabhu in Saree - Ethnic Fashion Diva

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                Beautiful actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu needs no reason to look beautiful. She carries herself well in sarees as well. She has a never-ending love for sarees which can be seen in her Instagram pictures. Today, let’s look at this diva’s traditional looks and take some saree inspiration. 

                Samantha Ruth Prabhu in Saree


                Samantha Telugu in Saree


                Samantha Ruth Prabhu Saree

                samantha ruth prabhu saree

                Samantha Saree Blouse Design

                The gorgeous actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu prefers wearing handloom sarees. Samantha is the perfect combination of good looks and great body.

                samantha saree blouse design

                Samantha Ruth Prabhu in Saree in Dookudu Promotion

                South Indian actress Samantha wore designer printed lehenga saree paired with matching short sleeves saree blouse in Dookudu Movie.

                samantha ruth prabhu in saree in dookudu

                Samantha Ruth Prabhu Saree

                Samantha Ruth Prabhu looked stunning in Sabyasachi design saree. She flaunts her super toned body in this picture.


                Samantha in Orange Saree in Neethane En Ponvasantham

                samantha in orange saree in neethane en ponvasantham

                Samantha Saree Blouse Design

                samantha ruth prabhu saree

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