• How to Choose the Right Anarkali Kurtas Neck Designs According to Your Body Type

    Posted by Gunjan toytoy

    While we have a lot of style guides that help us choose the right Anarkali for our body type, most of us aren’t aware that neck designs to play a crucial role in enhancing those curves we have worked so hard for. With the party season right here, we want to make sure that you make an impression by picking the right outfit with the right neck designs for your body type. So, here we are, with a quick guide to choose the right neck design for your anarkali kurtas.

    Pear Shape

    Pear-shaped women are blessed with a triangular shaped body with a well-defined waist and narrow shoulders. And a deep round neck works quite well for this body type as it shows off your collarbone area and also makes your shoulders look broader. This neck design also works wonders for women with short necks as it creates an illusion of an elongated frame. So you should go for deep round neck anarkali kurtas.


    Athletic Shape

    If you have wide shoulders, straight hips, and a skinny, sporty body, you have an athletic frame. While you can pull off most necklines, the best option for you is the v-neck as it creates an illusion of curves for your otherwise boyish frame. It also works well for women with short necks as it draws attention to the center.


    Apple Shape

    If you have a wide torso, broad shoulders, and a full bust and waist, along with thinner arms, legs, and hips, you have an apple-shaped body. Of all the neck designs, the sweetheart neckline is the one for you as it accentuates your bust area and balances out the overall silhouette. This neck design suits women with a short neck as it gives an impression of an elongated frame. Anarkalis with ruffles looks amazing with a sweetheart neck design.


    Hourglass Shape

    With a perfectly balanced upper and lower body along with a remarkably smaller waistline, you are blessed with the most-coveted body type — the hourglass. If you an hourglass, you need not worry much as you can flaunt any neck design without a care in the world. However, if we still had to pick one neck design Anarkali kurties for you, it would be the boat neck as it follows the curve of your collarbone and helps accentuate your beautiful frame even better.


    Now that you know your body shape and the best ways to accentuate your curves and edges, go take on the world. 


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