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What is Half n Half Saree

One of the most feminine and graceful of attires, that women in the south of India wear, is the famed half saree. This outfit has three main components that include the skirt, called the Langa, which is tied around the waist with a string. The Voni, a cloth that is usually 2 to 2.5 meters in length, functions in a way similar to the pallu or dupatta and is draped across the choli or blouse which is the third piece.


How to Wear Half Saree

If you are little more conscious of your figure and cannot afford to show too much of the midriff and also want to wear something that is not too binding across the front of the upper torso – this Half Saree Draping Styles of the drape is perfect.


Half Saree Online Shopping

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Half n Half Saree



Half Saree Draping Styles

This Half Saree Draping Style has gone very much trendy on the saree draping topic. For this style, you will need a lehenga, choli and a saree to contrast the look of Half Saree.


Half Saree Designs for Teenagers

This loose and flowing style is simply amazing with softer and sheerer fabrics. Half Saree with mix and match look is perfect for teenagers.


How to Wear a Half Saree

Wearing the Lehenga saree style has been in trend for a long time now, but this year the trends have only added more glam and fusion techniques to say smart saree draping skills to get a completely new look for a half saree or lehenga saree.