• Sonam Kapoor Turns Heads With Her Remarkable Look at Kalyan Jewellers Store Opening in Chennai

    Posted by Amit Singh

    Sonam Kapoor turns heads with this remarkable look at Kalyan Jewellers store opening in Chennai. The B-town fashionista looked very much the diva that she is, with this striking look.


    Sonam inaugurated a jewellery store in Chennai on Sunday wearing an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla sari. The sari with the convention needlework representing a wedding procession was rather lovely and also must have been very heavy.


    She even added heavy South gold jewellery to this desi diva look. We like how she added a two-layered neck piece instead of a heavy choker.


    “Oh! I feel no pressure at all since I love dressing up. I try doing my best and I have an excellent team.”  Sonam Kapoor

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  • The Label Life Malaika Arora Khan Casual Avatar

    Posted by Amit Singh

    Malaika Arora Khan knows how to do things. She will never disappoint you! Be it with her sense of style, her fashion statements or even her item numbers! Today we will show you casual Avatar as well as hot look. Let's go!


     For Comfort Go For Denims

    Denims have been around forever and there have been so many trends and styles that have developed with them as the focus point. See various styles of Malaika Arora Khan in Denims.


    Rugged Jeans Will never be out of fashion. Malaika Khan looks too sexy in white off Shoulder top and Black Goggles gives a classy look to her.


    Malaika Arora Khan Looks Fabulous in Blue denim with off - Shoulder black top !


    A style for Every Story

    Hottie at 40, that's what you feel when you look at Malaika Arora Khan. She ever so hot actress never goes wrong with her looks and style.


    Malaika Arora Khan Looks Fabulous In A Waist-Clinching Dress!


    Choose an outfit that accentuates your curves

    This is the first and most important by mantra underlined by the sexy actress Malaika. She has it in her very existence how to flaunt her sexy figure in dresses that reveal her skin in the right amount. Women must buy a dress that has appropriate cuts to look just as sexy as Malaika herself.


    Saree is a perfect attire for Formal Occasion as well as casual Wear


    Malaika Arora looks like a diva as she dresses up for satya paul

    “I think stylish is something either you have it or you don’t, no matter what you do or try,” Malaika Arora 


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  • Beautiful! Colorful! You!

    Posted by Amit Singh

    Glamour For Every Occasion

    We all need a little fashion inspiration every now and then—especially during this time of the year when the weather outside is still frightful, yet the only thing we can talk about is our spring wardrobe.

    Today let’s begin this wonderful journey where we talk and learn from Fashion to make up Apparels and Hair designs with all the other magnificent things in life.


    What Indian FASHION Lovers would go crazy about in 2016? What kind of trends in Indian Vogue World are going to top the fashion charts in this Year? Let us assist you on that!


    Experiment with the Anarkali/Trendy Suit

    Instead of going with those boring rectangular designs, ask your tailors to experiment. Different kind of cut embroidery on the bottom of the Kurtis would make everyone go crazy over it.

    Everyday Is A Beauty Contest


    Go Get The Gowns

    Indian Ethnic Wear is evolving day by day and from floor length Anarkali Suits, people are now including the gowns into their traditional wear. Ladies are going to compete this season with this trend. You need to grab the best gowns available that would give you the perfect traditional look. Make sure you choose the right ones.

    The Red Carpet Authority


    Be Bold Be Classy in Western Wear

    Rugged Jeans Yes, one of the popular trends this year is Rugged bottoms. Wear them with solid and complementing patterned tops for an uber chic look. It is going to give you that refreshing look, you have been wanting to make yourself look apart. While you are totally lost in the stylish collection of these trousers, you should not ignore the solid colored tops in fresh color tones that are big time saviors.


    Floral Print Is Never Out Of Fashion


    Focus On The Back 

    Pay special attention to the back design of your kurta or blouse. They are going to fetch you lot of compliments this year.


    High Makeup Drama For Every Fashion Diva

    In the world of beauty, there are endless beauty tips and rules to keep you looking fabulous. From secrets about how to style your hair without heat to brilliant ways to fix a broken compact case, the more beauty tips you know, the better you’ll be prepared to handle every situation thrown at you — and look good while doing so. Remember, beauty should always be fun!

    Let’s Get Glam


     Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Maybelline



    Natural Beauty Enhancement


    Always keep your summer makeup minimal. Minimal and sheer makeup is the way to go when it’s hot and muggy outside.

    Go Heavy On Accessories

    Gone are the days when young women tried to go light on the jewelry. Heavy necklaces, long earrings, big waist bands and lots of bangles would be craved in 2016. Your dress is highly affected by what kind of accessories you wear. Make sure this time you pay special attention and budget for accessories.




    Enjoy a little fashion inspiration today! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends! 


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    Posted By: Shakti Rupanwal & Gunjan Upadhyay

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  • New Fashion Trends Of Draping a Saree

    Posted by Amit Singh

    A perfect fashion diva knows what to wear for the flawless occasion. Thinking of what to wear at a traditional wedding? A beautiful draped sarees comes into your mind. Everyone knows how to wear it in a regular way. But wouldn’t it be fun to spice things up by adding a few twists? This is definitely an exciting possibility. Here are some latest trends in Sarees that are very in vogue these days.

    Traditional or Nivi Style

    The ‘Navi’ style of draping a saree is the traditional form which most people wear day in and day out. The roots of this style is in Andhra Pradesh and has been adopted by women across the country. It is versatile, making it a universal choice.


    Lehenga Style

    Are you wondering about what to wear for a function or where you need to wear ethnic attire? The lehenga style saree would be an excellent choice as it is very fashionable. Well, you can be sure that you will be a head-turner. There are pre-stiched sets that are easily available in the market as well. And it goes without saying that is is a perfect option if you want to show off your curves and save the trouble of actually draping a saree!


    The Retro Double Drape/Mumtaz Style

    Mumtaz set a trend in the 80s’ with the way she draped her saree in the song ‘Aaj Kal Tere Mere PyarKe Charche’. Ever since then this style has always been a look that fashionistas have resorted to when they have a retro-look in mind. It is an excellent choice if you want to flaunt your figure.


    Mermaid Style

    To give a look of the mermaid gown, this style is worn to accentuate curves at the hip section and give a flare at the bottom. The trick to nail this flattering dressing style is to leave out the pleats in the waist. As a result, it will look like a skirt at the bottom and has a slimming effect as well.


    Butterfly Style

    One of the hottest trends in B-town right now is the butterfly draping style. It is a simple twist of the traditional style where the pleated pallu is very thin exposing the navel. Now this trending style is the best choice if you plan to go to a party or a function.


    Saree with Pants

    Brought into Indian fashion by our very own Anamika Khana,this is one of the indo-western styles of draping a saree


    The Northern Style

    Also known as Floating style, this is one of the most popular casual styles to drape a Saree in. It is a simple style where you drape the saree the common traditional way with pleats in the front and keep the pallu open along your shoulder as well as your arm.


    Short Floating Style

    A little modification, you can keep the palla pleated a little on your your elbow to keep your arms free.


    Bengali Drape/ Double Border Drape Style

    Bengali drape keeping the palla loose right from the bottom and drape it all through the front.


    Dhoti Style

    Another indo-western design, this style evolved from the traditional Marathi saree. To make it easy, the saree is draped over dhoti pants.




    Dress Style





    Bollywood Styles

    B'Town has always given us great styles to wrap the sarees in. Clearly, Bollywood celebrities keep trying new ideas and influence us in trying them out too. Let’s have a look at what new we’ve got:


    Hottest Draping Inclinations in Saris Fashion World


    Wear a steamy hot look and carry it with an elegant attitude this season! The knot saree drape, two pallu dhoti style, saris with pants and tulip drape are also amazing options.

    Check Out Sarees At ladyindia.com

    saree-designbridal-saridesigner-blousedesigner sareedesigner-sari

    designer-printed sareedesigner-triple-colour-saree


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