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    Make an unvarying look pop! Sonam Kapoor

    Sonam Kapoor has grossed an exceptional place for herself in B Town for her style and fashion statement. She is one of the special divas to have got it all - looks, style and fame. Having made a huge contribution to putting India on the world fashion scene with her awe inspiring red carpet appearances and wowing both the National and International Media with her dress sense, she is the fashion icon to beat all other fashion icons.  Here we will show you some Fashionable Choices of Sonam.


    She is bold and beautiful and her frank attitude is to die for all these qualities make her uber hot.

    Rocking the Black

    Famous as the Alpha fashionista of Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor can accessorize for any occasion, whether at night or day. For example, Sonam used trappings such as smart belts for the cinched waist look, a watch, clutch bag all in black and wore bright pink pumps to break the monotony of the black solid color.


    When in doubt, black is your answer. It is slimming, sophisticated, and more importantly, matches everything. Sonam is generally seen accessorizing her black outfits with chunky gold earrings.


    All the Glitters

    Among all her accessories, her favorite seems to be heavy or dramatic neckpieces that set off the dress perfectly. She lets the neckpiece be the center of attention by preceding earrings. Her secret ingredient to that magical touch which transforms a regular humdrum dress into a spectacular one is adding an Indian element to it from her antique jewelry collection.

    sonam-in-designer-gownsonam-all-fashion-imagesTress Talks

    Sonam uses different hairstyles to complement her dresses and accessories. It can range for gentle waves for a feminine day look to a sophisticated bun for a formal affair to a gorgeous superstar style waves for a glam look. She has lovely long hair and she uses it to accentuate her beauty further.


    Really pretty outfit! This is great inspiration for outfits for the upcoming holiday season. The shoes I’m a bit iffy on, but the rest of the outfit is spot on.


    Way the Saree Falls

    Sonam has been spotted wearing some of the hottest collections from designers all around. She can carry off a saree just as gracefully as any other outfit. Her accessories and hairstyle set her apart from the regular crowd.


    Unconventional Styles And Combinations

    A woman who knows her mind (and her fashion), Sonam Kapoor has fun with fashion by experimenting with her clothes and her look frequently. Her casual looks are always complete with light and natural makeup and hassle-free hair. She is a role model for Indian women who are too scared to try mix-and-match and tend to play it safe instead.


    If there is one thing you can take away from Sonam’s style it is her fierce independence when it comes to dressing. Do not be afraid to take risks and wear what you want, if you walk with confidence, people will know you mean business.

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