Posted by Amit Singh

Malaika Arora Khan knows how to do things. She will never disappoint you! Be it with her sense of style, her fashion statements or even her item numbers! Today we will show you casual Avatar as well as hot look. Let's go!


 For Comfort Go For Denims

Denims have been around forever and there have been so many trends and styles that have developed with them as the focus point. See various styles of Malaika Arora Khan in Denims.


Rugged Jeans Will never be out of fashion. Malaika Khan looks too sexy in white off Shoulder top and Black Goggles gives a classy look to her.


Malaika Arora Khan Looks Fabulous in Blue denim with off - Shoulder black top !


A style for Every Story

Hottie at 40, that's what you feel when you look at Malaika Arora Khan. She ever so hot actress never goes wrong with her looks and style.


Malaika Arora Khan Looks Fabulous In A Waist-Clinching Dress!


Choose an outfit that accentuates your curves

This is the first and most important by mantra underlined by the sexy actress Malaika. She has it in her very existence how to flaunt her sexy figure in dresses that reveal her skin in the right amount. Women must buy a dress that has appropriate cuts to look just as sexy as Malaika herself.


Saree is a perfect attire for Formal Occasion as well as casual Wear


Malaika Arora looks like a diva as she dresses up for satya paul

“I think stylish is something either you have it or you don’t, no matter what you do or try,” Malaika Arora