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Lehenga is a favorite with Indian women. Saree is no different. Imagine turning your saree look into lehenga style for a change!  We will tell you how to wear lehenga saree. Wearing the Lehenga saree style has been in trend for a long time now, but this year the trends have only added more glam and fusion techniques to say smart saree draping skills to get a completely new look for a half saree or lehenga saree


    Today we have seen so many styles of lehenga saree styles and half saree styles and now is the time where the combination of both has been merged, simply wear a saree like a half saree with lehenga. Shop now lehenga saree online India.


    In this article, you can check that how to make lehenga from old saree. Again this Lehenga Saree style is the Half Saree style which has gone very much trendy on the saree draping topic. 



    Steps to Drape saree like lehenga-

    •  If you wish to wear a petticoat, you can as it provides a full frame to the lehenga without any can-can. This is not a compulsion but the best way to drape lehenga saree.

    • Then pull on the blouse and make sure it is neither too tight nor too loose because it has to hold the heavy pallu of the lehenga saree.

    • Wear your lehenga skirt and tie it firmly on your waist.

    • Now pull up your chunni or lehenga dupatta to transform it into a saree pallu. Tuck the end of the chunni or dupatta on the left side and bring it around the waist from the back side to the front and then let it fall over your shoulder to the back.

    lehenga style saree online

    • Make sure the length of the dupatta is long enough to give a princess like a flare.

    • You can also pin the shoulder part to confirm its place. But before pinning up make sure what do you want: a pleated dupatta or a free-flowing one? If you want pleats to make broad pleats for a lean structure and narrow pleats for a wide structure.

    • Wear a Kammar bandh or waist belt chain over your saree to get the complete look



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    how to make lehenga from old saree