Posted by Gunjan toytoy

The White color symbolizes purity, peace, and innocence and according to color psychology, it evokes a sense of freedom. White also seems like an easy color to wear, but carrying it off isn’t as simple as it may seem. In a fashion sense too, white can be paired with almost anything or just worn as it is, and it’ll still look elegant. White with a splash of metallic shades, primarily gold, when done right, is one of the most sophisticated combinations. 


With the release of Kalank’s teaser and the first song from the film featuring Alia Bhatt and Madhuri Dixit, it’s quite clear that Alia is going to be seen in a lot of whites in the film. At the launch event of the teaser too, she was seen in a white chikankari kurta set. Speaking about her white lehenga-choli in the song, Ghar More Pardesiya, Alia is wearing white with gold trimmings all over and a border of a crimson red at the border of the lehenga. 


The overall look, of course, but the details on the seemingly simple lehenga took our breath away. If you look closely, the zari work on the lehenga are motifs done with embroidery in the shape of a peacock feather. Additionally, the lehenga is a compilation of two skirts - the base a glossy white and the top one, very light pink with the gold embroidery on it. It becomes more evident in the shots where Alia twirls in this song.

From Alia’s white and gold georgette to Madhuri’s brocade wear, we’ve loved everything we saw, including the opulent sets. They’re perfect to a Spring/Summer wedding function to an evening with the family function during festivals and more.


The choli has an interesting back too and the entire work in gold is beautiful to look at. It’s simple, young and we particularly love how Alia’s age is playing an important role in this face-off of sorts in the song (a Ramlila setting) where she meets Madhuri Dixit’s character, quite reminiscent of Dola Re Dola when Paro and Chandramukhi have an amicable dance-off on Durga Pujo. (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan played Paro, and Madhuri played Chandramukhi)

Alia’s white and gold is complemented with two pieces of jewelry - a pair of earrings and a juda (bun) pin in Kundan. In another shot which might be a wedding scene in the film, Alia’s seen wearing a Rani-haar, mathapatti and nose ring as part of the most notable jewelry in the scene.